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Offers: Part of their clothing line in tall sizes, long sizes or longer inseams. Also offers custom clothing made to your body measurements.
How: Sells clothing in both online and retail stores.
From: United States
Ships: Worldwide
Stores: United States

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2 reviews

Fri, Sep 14th, 2007 | 9:38pm


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ssc's Measurements
Height: 6ft in
Weight: 136lb
Neck: 12in
Bust: 33in
Sleeve: -
Waist: 25in
Hip: 35in
Inseam: 34.5in
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I've ordered sweats from JCPenney (St. John's Bay brand or something like that) and was disappointed. They were quite large on me and not long enough. When ordering, be careful to check the size chart for each brand. I found that most were designed for 5'7"-5'10" which is still too short for me. Most sizes start at 8 and go up. They do offer 'ultra tall' on their site but until they offer some smaller sizes, I won't be trying it. The extra tall mens' does work for my husband though, he's 6'10." My experience with their service has not been great. Only once out of 5 orders did my order arrive as promised.


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Fri, Apr 25th, 2014 | 8:19pm


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landofgiants' Measurements
Height: -
Weight: -
Neck: -
Bust: -
Sleeve: -
Waist: -
Hip: -
Inseam: -
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JCPenney used to be my go-to place when shopping for clothing to fit the tall men (6'6" husband and 6'3" son) in the my life. Lately, however, they seem to have eliminated the size ranges of tall-but-not-big. There seems to be no x-tall anymore at all. I ordered a topcoat for my husband in a 44long, and the sleeves were 2inches too short and it barely fit around him on top of his clothes (his old 44xlong still fits fine). My son wears size LT and I can never find smaller than XLT. In spite of this, JCPenney always comes up when I search for mens tall clothing. Where can I find LT and XLXT without spending a fortune?


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